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Every print has a purpose.

It's not enough to just celebrate the places we adventure. That's why for every adventure register purchased, $1 is donated to a foundation that's committed to preserving the beautiful places showcased in that print.

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"The 14er Summit Register exceeded expectations. It was a perfect gift for my husband who enjoys climbing in Colorado! What a creative idea to document his climbs—while also being a unique piece of wall art."

Carolyn Sullivan

"The 14er Summit Register gives climbers a tangible (and beautiful) way to track climbs"

Westword Magazine

"Beautiful design! We gave it as a gift and it was a big hit!"

Sarah Yukso

Unanimously Rated 5 Stars by Etsy Shoppers

"This hand-printed summit log is perfect for the peak-bagger on your holiday shopping list. Complete with a custom ink pad and stamp, your buddy can show off all the summits they’ve stood on in a unique and beautiful way."

5280 Magazine
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