The World Wonders Register Print – WANDERWIDE

The World Wonders Register Print

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Whether it's a million-year-old waterfall or a hundred-year-old temple, each of these 50 landmarks have one thing in common—the ability to give you an undeniable, unforgettable moment of wonder. Track and display your world-wide adventures in a sophisticated way with this beautiful screen print and included stamp and ink pad.

Each register print is unique, handmade, and screen printed in small batches in Denver, Colorado.

Features: 50 Spectacular International Landmarks
Cougar Premium 100# Cover
Dimensions: 15.5" x 40"
(Stamp and Ink Pad Included)

These global treasures are under constant threat from human pollution, environmental trauma, and destructive legislation. That's why $1 from every World Wonders Register is donated to our partner, the World Heritage Centre, to stand by them in their mission to preserve important cultural sites around our planet.

Print features the following 50 Wonders:
Golden Gate Bridge, USA • Statue Of Liberty, USA • Mount Rushmore, USA • Niagara Falls, Canada/USA • Inukshuk, Canada • Sydney Opera House, Australia • Great Barrier Reef, Australia • Jerusalem, Palestine / Israel • Mecca, Saudi Arabia • Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt • Luxor, Egypt • Petra, Jordan • Hagia Sophia, Turkey • Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe Border • Eiffel Tower, France • Notre Dame Cathedral, France • Mont St. Michel, France • Sacré Coeur, France • Louvre, France • Acropolis, Greece • Blue Domed Churches of Santorini, Greece • Sagrada Família, Spain • The Alhambra, Spain • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany • Colosseum, Italy • Canals Of Venice, Italy • Tower Of Pisa, Italy • The Vatican, Vatican City • Pompeii, Italy • Windmills At Kinderdijk, Holland • The Little Mermaid, Denmark • Dubrovnik Old City, Croatia • Stonehenge, UK • Big Ben, UK • Tower Bridge, UK • Charles Bridge, Czech Republic • St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia • Great Wall, China • Forbidden City, China • Fukushima Inari, Japan • Mount Fuji, Japan • Wat Pho, Thailand • Angkor Wat, Cambodia • Lotus Temple, India • Taj Mahal, India • Bagan, Myanmar • Chichen Itza, Mexico • Cristo Redentor, Brazil • Machu Picchu, Peru • Easter Island, Chile

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